About the Takeo shrine

①About the Takeo shrine

front1Message bodyAccording to the ancient documents that Takeo shrine holdings, the primary chief priest of the Takeo shrine have had a God\’s revelation. And then Takeo shrine was built at the foot of Mt. Mifuneyama in order to be this regions peace and calm.
Takeuchi-no-Sukune (the main god of Takeo shrine) and 4 gods have been deified. 4
Takeuchi-no-Sukune the main worshiped deity was the government aide, has worshiped for five emperors.
Takeuchi-no-Sukune was the most longevity god, lived 360 years and had also been reported to have demonstrated a special abilities as a Shinto priest.
Takeo shrine has been revered by citizen, as the shrine to pray for longevity and good luck charm.

②About the Yabusame

Yabusame is a type of mounted archery in traditional Japanese archery.
An archer on a running horse shoots three special \”turnip-headed\” arrows successively at three wooden targets.
This style of archery has its origins at the beginning of the Kamakura period(AD 1185-1333). Minamoto no Yoritomo became alarmed at the lack of archery skills his samurai had. He organized yabusame as a form of practice.

③About the huge camphor tree “Ohkusu”

2-1The huge camphor tree “Ohkusu”
In Japan, it is believed that God dwells in the universe for a very long time. Especially ancient people prayed and gave thanks to huge trees and rocks. There is a large camphor tree “Ohkusu”, which is also respected as a holy tree at the foot of the Mt.Mifuneyama that God lives. Estimated age of the old tree is about 3000 years. the height is 27 meters and the outer periphery of the root is 26 meters. As a result of withstand the harsh environment, the base has become hollow. The size of cavity is roughly 20 square meters. According to a survey conducted by the Japan Environment Agency has carried out in 1989, it has been certified with the big tree in the sixth in Japan. The tree’s roots digging into the earth, some bulges of the root looks like rocks and spreading branches so as to cover the universe remind us of the amazing vital force that withstood the various severe ordeal for more than three thousand years. Even now the old days, the Ohkusu which is full of majestic and dignified is the subject of faith for longevity and good health.The tree that has a nickname of “Takeo no Ohkusu san” is loved as something that one can rely on.

④About the married couple cypress”Meotohinoki”

1-12It has been said that these roots of the cypress have been joined by the power of God. What is more, the middle of the trees have also been joined each other.
The integral root is represented the sense that couples get along,connected branches in the middle of trees have been faith as a symbol of harmonious man and woman, blessed with good work, blessed with money and so on.

⑤How to worship the Takeo shrine

There is a lot of respects and taking care of god in shrine since the age of god, so during you visiting shrine, you should do everything in good faith.
This is the way to visit Takeo shrine and manners for visiting.

1)Torii(gateway at the entrance to a shrine)
Once you enter the Torii, it\’s already Shinto sanctuary. Before you go through the gate, stop to bow once.
Keep staying on one side on the approach. When you go out through the gate, stop to bow once.

The approach to the shrine from Torii is called “Sandoh”
The center of the approach called”Seichuh”is considered as the sacred pathway “kami”spirits / gods walks.
When you walk the approach to a shrine, you should walk a side of the way as much as you can.

3)Temizuya(Shinto water ablution pavilion for ceremonial purification)
After you go through the Torii you get to Temizuya.
You purify your hands and mouth.
Please watch the signboard which shows how to purify was written.

4)Pray to God
When you pray in front of the main shrine”Haiden”,first of all you should thank to God bless. And then you make your wishes.
Please watch the signboard which shows how to purify was written by the side of the offertory box.

5)Old camphor tree
There are an 3000 years old camphor tree in the guardian forest back left side of the Haiden. If you want to visit the Ohkusu, you purify your hands and mouth again at “Ni no Temizuya”.

6)good-luck amulet
You can easily find if you wish, please buy good-luck amulet after praying.

⑥Pray to “Kami”

1)When you get the front of the Haiden, you bow once.

Put you a small offering (usually coins) in the offertory box called “Saisenbako”The amount of money is not fixed, so give according to your feelings.
It\’s good that you put a money offering into the box silently without a rush situation. Make a money offering into an offertory box.

3)Ring the bell a few seconds.

4)Bow twice.
And then you deeply bow twice.

5)Clap twice
Put your hands together in prayer and then a little bit slide your right hand.
Clap twice in prayer while thinking about your wish. Specific wishes are preferable to vague wishes.

6)Deeply bow once to the Haiden again.

7)Slightly bow once.

⑦Temizuya(How to purify your hands and mouth)

1)Take a ladle on right hand and scoop water. Purify your left hand first.

2)And change hand and purify right hand by the water.

3)Pour some water in left hand and purify your mouth by accumulated water in the left hand.
DO NOT drink from the ladle. Spit the water in the ground.

4)At the end purify your left hand again.

5)Hold the ladle vertically to purify the handle with the rest of the water in the ladle.
Place it back on the stand in the basin.
You have to do a set of rules by a ladle of water.

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